Sleeptime with Baby Quilt: How to Sleep Train a Baby

A Baby Quilt is an essential bedtime item that your baby needs in order to keep warm and feel safe and protected. In addition to a Baby Quilt, parents also need to get fitted crib sheets, soft blankets and a comfortable mattress and crib for the baby to sleep in. In the months after giving birth, a baby might start to change their sleep pattern and some lucky parents have babies that sleep for long hours or even sleep through the night. Others are not so lucky and so have to wake up several times in the middle of the night when a baby needs attention or is just feeling lonely. This is the main reason why sleep training exists. Sleep training is a little controversial as some people prefer not to but for most parents, it’s a way to ensure they (the parents) can get some hours of sleep at night and it’s also a way to teach the baby a thing or two about restraint and over-indulgence. Below we talk about the various ways you can sleep train a baby.

Speak with a Pediatrician

Speaking with your pediatrician about any doubts or questions about sleep training you might have is always a good place to start. Let your pediatrician know you are about to start sleep training and have them advise you on the best way to go about it. They can give you information on how much sleep your baby should be getting and any potential problems to watch out for. Going into sleep training armed with good medical advice will also help boost your confidence.

Log Sleep Time

Track how much sleep your baby is getting by logging their sleep time. Take note when they fall asleep and when they wake up, Take note of how many times they wake up and go back to sleep and take note if they are restless when they sleep if they sleep comfortably tucked away under their baby quilt. Logging their sleep time and sleep hours gives you a good knowledge of how to plan and maintain their sleep schedule.

Bedtime Routine

Some moms have a bedtime routine which gently powers down the baby for bed and for older babies, the start of the bedtime routine lets them know it’s about to be bedtime. Bedtime routine could be breastfeeding right before bed or could be giving them a  bath. It could be singing them a lullaby or reading them a book, putting them in their crib and dimming the lights in the house, etc. It puts them in the mood for bed and makes them fall asleep faster as all their senses start to power down voluntarily.


It is important to stick to your sleep training and bedtime routine with the baby. A break in routine might mean you’ll have to start all over again. Consistency makes them used to it and thus it becomes second nature to them over time. Of course you can make exceptions on some days when life happens but don’t make it a habit to start and stop always as this will ruin any progress you’ve made.

Different Sleep Training Methods

Crying it Out

The  Cry It Out (CIO) method I think is one of the most controversial as many parents cannot fathom leaving their baby to cry and cry without them running to pick them up and soothe them. American Academy of Pediatrics has said that this method is not a harmful practice but yet some parents cannot seem to get on board with it. his method does not mean that you leave your baby to keep crying and crying for minutes or endlessly without you going to their aid. Instead, it means when they cry, you go wait a few minutes before going into their room and when you do you don, pick them up right away but rather let them feel reassured by your presence. If they continue to cry when you pick them up briefly before putting them back in the crib. As the days go by you increase the number of minutes you leave them attended and with that gradually they will start learning to soothe themselves and cry less when they need attention. Sometimes with this method, one parent might find it harder to do than the other. Like in Modern family, Mitch and Cam tried to sleep-train Lily but Cam was secretly sneaking into her room every time she cried thus causing their sleep training efforts to be futile. Both parents should be on board with the sleep training method they choose.


The “No Tears” Method

The no tears sleep training method involves spending time with the baby through the night so they know you’re there and feel comforted by your presence and thus have no need to cry to get your attention. This method takes longer to sleep training a baby than most other methods but it is a gentler method and some parents prefer it. This method might call for having the baby’s cot in your room or having a mattress in the baby nursery that the parent can sleep on. This way, they can respond immediately to a baby when they wake up or when they whimper or are restless in their sleep (which usually leads to them waking up). The parent can gently pat them on the back and put them back to sleep without the baby having to cry. Hence the name “No Tears Method”.